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CalmRoutine and Productivity

The book that changed my perspective towards life management….

During this lockdown, I was fortunate to deep dive into the book called “One thing” By Keller and Papasan. This book talks about our current frames of mind on how much we are distracted in general and the impact of mobile phones and technology in our lives. I was amazed at the insights of the…

We have not become big…but MASSIVE!!!!

Hi Friends, I have been held up on both the work front and family front due to new borns in our family. Before you press the pedals, I have more pets now !!! I have got a new doberman puppy, she is colonel. This is in addition to Panther, Minnie, Ginger and the three kittens…

Meditation for Productivity

Hi friends. I am hopeful that this post finds both you and your family hale and hearty. We have seen this year pass through amidst covid. I want to share with you, on how I pulled it through till now. I live by the hour. I know that time is fleeting. I see things move…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Dr Ethel Kabilan. I am a horticulturist by profession. I started blogging in 2020. I spend most of my time with my kid and husband travelling. This blog is for my love of productivity and routines so I’m sharing my favorites with you!

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