My Leg Theory of Longevity and Mileage!

To begin with, I’m starting with a disclaimer:

Please consult your medical health practitioner before practicing these methods. Persons with pre-existing diseases like diabetes,heart disease and hyper tension should take proper medical advice in this regard.

There are two things once you see on the better side late thirties and early forty, there is grey hair and a bulging tummy generally amongst us. Some may not have grey hair due to their genes of the less amount of stress they take in their daily routines and chill. My hubby introduced me to Yoga and told that there is a good guru and he has got online videos too.

One thought, after I started doing yoga, is that you come to know how stiff your muscles have become over a period of time, due to lethargy,inactivity as well as a sedentary lifestyle. The major impact, which I found in yoga video class from IIM , B was how stiff my legs were. The Guruji ( Shri Govindaraj) was sixty years old and was super flexible, and felt embarrassed how stiff I was literally !!!!!

Post the IIM video challenge by my hubby, I started to follow the Yoga guru, I shall place the link here ( These are very good yoga videos for general health and there is a series of videos. The icing on the cake happened when I wanted to do the split !!!! Yes, I was absolutely crazy to do it and found it super difficult till day. I follow the  how to do split in a month , ( where I found how stiff I was on my legs,calves and thighs are. Gosh !!!

Though, I can do a lot of work at home and office, I feel that the legs being stiff has an impact on the entire body and the spine. Flexibility is a critical factor, which we lose over time. The other important aspect is the foot movement ( running,jogging walking) gets reduced once we have a family or a sedentary lifestyle. This gives way to fat getting accumulated in our abdominal cavity and the bulge that we all carry with us. If we are able to move our legs daily,say atleast 10000 steps ( You can have any simple health band which monitors your steps . I like the MI band which is decent and effective with the MI app on any android phone for checking your calories burned and sleep patterns.

For all those with the belly bulge or the flab in the tummy, I have got some good news !!!! You can reduce it by adding a foot time in your daily routine,preferably in the morning. The other thing I found that when you slowly run, you burn more than when you walk. This shows that fat burns faster when you run than when you walk. The good news of my research is that, all those who run for long distance use fat as fuel, as fat burns slow and gives you energy for long distance running.

So, when the lockdown is lifted in your area, do get those shoes on, I have got two pairs of jogging shoes which are my personal favourites Asics Women Nitrofuze and Reebok Royal glide and start fast walking and graduate to slow running. The idea is to listen to good 4 to 5 songs during this daily routine and enter the day refreshed. Stay hydrated (drink at least 500 ml of water) before, and after the routine, so that you are not cramped or dehydrated.

Pro tip : Measure your weight every week. Keep a reminder on your phone to measure your weight. If possible, add lot of greens in the food, reduce fried and foods which have lot of oil content. Keep taking progress pictures every month from a side angle. This really helps !!!

Till then, Stay calm and Stay Humble !!!

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

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