The New Normal Categorizations of Time…

With Corona making all of us gung ho about lockdown and the unprecedented possibilities of what lies ahead in terms of work and family life. I had worked a small but workable model of time management which i want to share. I have divided my time into these categories :

a) M.T – My Time.

b) F.T – Family time

c) O.T – Office time.

d) S.T – Sleep Time.

I had posted about the pomodoro technique in one of my posts, link here

I have super imposed the pomodoro technique over the first three categories, i.e , My time, family time and Office time. I sleep for a good eight to nine hours now. So, the remaining time, I have divided into three blocks so that I am able to spend quality time in each area. My favorite being M.T where I can do what I want to do in my time. I can read a book, exercise or do gardening. My time is my uninterrupted spoiling of my self in a productive manner. I use the time to gain better insights into myself,learn the nuances of gardening or reading or exercise.

My F.T involves looking after the needs of the family and the house. Allocating time for cooking,cleaning and looking after the child. There are instances where the time slot for a particular work, say cooking takes two pomodoros ( One hour) and is followed by my time. You are free to juggle and experiment the time categorizations based on your present circumstances.

In my O.T , I allot at least four pomodoros daily ( two hours) minimum, so that I am able to complete my office work from home.

In this way, I am able to strike a balance with my personal and professional responsibilities in a seemingly satisfied and contented manner. I want you to give it a try and let me know in a week’s time on how this model worked for you.

Till then, Stay Calm and Stay Humble !

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

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