Sound of Music @ Work

Music is the window to the soul.I like gentle music.It relaxes me during work and provides a soothing and calming experience during my work. I am sure that many who are using background sounds either at office or at home agree with me. I have tried my youtube video on relaxing river, I want your comments on the video. I would be grateful. Do use it as a background music and let me know of its benefits.

I work in a cubicle at my office. There are instances where I want to focus on work and get the results which is expected of me. I want to get into the ” channel of focus” so that I finish the job given to me in a satisfying and methodical way. Working in cubicles is not easy and you might get interrupted by colleagues at work or any other movements in your vicinity.

The way I have changed my approach to work is how I had used soft and relaxing music in the background so that I focus on my work even if someone near me talks over the phone or chatting, I am cut off from that sound and instead I listen to the flow of water/rivers or birds chirping.These natural sounds are very relaxing and I have given a try and created few videos by myself.

I do not have the luxury of listening to music while working from home right now. Rather its like mowgli howling and jungle book around. Where mowgli is my boy and Simba and minnie our cats give enough trouble, by keeping the house in a mess. I think Simba believes in the Schumpeterian approach of “creative destruction“, so that he destroys a old process or a pot, so that I get a new one, and I mostly end up like this…

Till then, Stay Safe, Stay Humble !!!!

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

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