Time Dilation and Eustress simplified..

Time dilation is a concept of Einsteins Theory of Relativity which states that the time in a moving clock or a watch is slower than the time in a watch which is stationary. I would not go into the technical details of the subject as it would get very very complicated. I was thinking about the idea of time and Eustress this morning after having my tea. So, i thought that I shall write down my thoughts on the same.

Eustress is a concept which states that the body needs a extra bit of discomfort to strecth beyond our comfort zones so that the body and some cases the mind also becomes tougher. A simple example of eustress is, if we are able to swim for 100 metres, when we swim for 150 metres we are subjecting the body to eustress. Eustress is beneficial for the body and the mind, because it always keeps us alert and aware of the surroundings.

Another important concept I associate eustress and time dilation is motion/movement. All living things should have mobility. Mobility is the process of movement. Movement could be physical and social mobility. Mobility could be forward and backward mobility. A body in rest is good only after prolonged mobility, so that there is time for the body to recuperate. But most of us are ” pleasure seekers”. Its the body and the mind which is programmed in such a manner that we give primacy to pleasure than to pain. This controlled pain is what is called as Eustress.

There has been countless studies on Eustress across multiple domains such as physiology,psychology. Eustress was introduced by Hans Selye in 1974 who was an acclaimed endrocrinologist, who had documented medical and physiological studies of hormones and positive health. My point here is, how often do you subject the body to eustress? Or we have surrendered to the comforts of the world so that the pleasure principle has taken us all in its lap?

Normally all the medicines are sour, but the effect on the body is positive. In the same analogy, a little bit of stretching of our limits may be 5 or 10 percent more that what we do could be beneficial for us in whatever area of interest we do, as long as we are focussed and meticulous about it. I do gardening daily after I come back from office. Even though, I am tired, the mere act of spending time with my plants give me a boost of adrenalin,and I love it.

The point I want to drive through here is that, if I am able to stay active and in the same time enjoy whatever I am doing, I can slow down time. When I slow down time, I can actually stretch time a bit more longer than actually it is. Sounds crazy, but it has been scientifically proved recently. Do check link..https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/einsteins-time-dilation-prediction-verified/

You might remember several instances in your life where you may be physically and mentally tired, but since you had passion in the activity of your liking you went further. This is just an example of how your were in a ” eustress mode” in that particular moment. This moment of eustress could be correlated to euphoria, a sense of wonder and a feeling of contentment. I urge all my friends to have these moments of eustress and euphoria, as these are the experiences which define our life and define ourselves.

Till then, Stay safe and stay humble.

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

7 thoughts on “Time Dilation and Eustress simplified..

  1. Hey dost!!! Another mind blowing blog. Just keeps getting better and better like old wine. Don’t stop spreading positivity and optimism. Take care and stay safe


      1. Dost, thank you for such nice words for me. I really treasure our friendship. Love you!


  2. I’d never heard of this concept before – a very intriguing read! I think it’s hard to get the balance right between not pushing yourself enough and taking things too far. Perhaps it’s just a case of practise and understanding your own limits? Definitely something to think about!


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