Five tips for parents to manage online school work.

Hi Friends. I am hopeful that you are safe and sound with your family wherever you are. In my city, New Delhi, the infection rates are coming marginally down and I think the city administration and the medical fraternity is doing an amazing job. With online being the buzz word now, you must have been overwhelmed doing the follow up of kids school work at home.

I would like to share five tips so that you can breeze through your day:

  1. Print out the time table and place it at child’s workplace:

I am sure the online school for most of us is a new thing. There are network drops, there are technical glitches and sometimes you are very irritated with the whole thing. It does become depressing at times.

My Boy attending class online – The new reality…

For those who have got kids and who have to keep up with the daily schedule of the school, do take a print out of the timetable and fix it at child’s room. Let the child do the follow-up with all the subjects. From a distance, we can monitor the child without their knowledge. This would instill a sense of responsibility in the child. As for me I have pasted my kid’s timetable in my personal diary too, so I can refer even if I am at office or anywhere.

2. Enabling daily data limit on the device:

There would be scenarios where both the parents are working and the kids is with the caretaker, as in my case. If that be the case, where you are not able to monitor the kid physically at least you can keep a tab over the data they use, so that you dont land up with a hefty mobile bill. They know that parents come in the evening and engage in downloading games after school sessions are over.

Some mobile carriers with a prepaid mobile plan come with a daily data limit, and then there is a prompt on the phone that data would not be available or data would be charged at a different rate. If one of the parents are around, it would help to know what kind of stuff the kid is browsing. Internet as we all know is a two – edged sword.

3. Nutrition gummies for kids for boosting immunity:

With COVID around, apart from the daily food, I have added a dose of gummy bears multivitamins for my son, so that the lack of Vitamin -D (sunlight/ lack of play due to staying indoors) and other vital nutrients are adequately compensated through these supplements. I give these supplements for the child, it tastes like any other candy and he takes it twice a day.

3. Unplugging at Dinner :

We make it a serious affair that we are not plugged to our devices during dinner time. We talk with each other about the day and what happened during the day. This small talk on family time is extremely important and helps in bonding the family.

4. Story time at Sleep:

After coming back from work, post sanitizing and dinner, my hubby has to tell stories to my son till he sleeps. As my son is more interested in my hubby’s adventures in his younger days, off late my hubby is running short of his adventure stories for which he has to cook up stories now (hahaa !!!). I am sure, you will get amazing stories for your kids from story books or personal experience, especially if they have a wonderful story before they doze off to sleep.

5. Making a separate time table other than the school time table:

I have prepared a separate weekly time table for my son, so that he has a set routine. His routine also includes watching his favorite shows on netflix or playing monopoly at night, but only after his school work is over. With physical activity almost nil, I have to keep him constructively engaged so that he uses his time in the right way.

I am hopeful that these tips were of some help to you. Do let us share from each others experiences and help on the way.

Till then, Stay safe and Stay humble.

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

8 thoughts on “Five tips for parents to manage online school work.

  1. Hey dost!!! Another worthwhile blog!! I feel you as my kids are also going through the same online classes thing. But at the same time, I really feel for those parents or kids who cannot afford smart phones or internet. The right to education seems a farce when there are such challenges amid this crisis. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow. I really loved your posts, so keep it coming


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