The School results Pandemic..Yikes !!!

My FB dashboard is filled with messages of friends and relatives with the following message “My son has secured 98% in board exams !!!!”. There is a deluge of congratulatory messages on social media. But I was thinking at the back of my head, is my kid also going to take the same route?

I am not downplaying the efforts of children,parents and teachers here. The point I want to drive to parents especially is that, what next?

I am sorry to say the rat race created by all of us is to make all of us land into so called “well paying jobs”, “settle down on life”. Is having a well paying job a symbol of success ? or is material success an indicator that you are the fastest rat around?

Money is required by all of us in our life. But academic success, followed by a job and retirement..Is this the path laid down by society for all of us?

Looking back now, the job I do and the pythagoras equations I learnt and the zoology diagrams learnt in school, are not making any sense. If you feel the same, welcome to the gang !!!!

Further, If I look at the degrees I have got ( BSc,MSc and Phd) baring my Ph.d, none of my degrees make much of a sense in my present assignment. This is my own understanding of academic success, others may have their own views.

There was a tv ad from ( [placed the youtube link below). This was in the year 2011, this symbolizes the sorry state of Indian educational system and the mindset of the parents.

Courtesy: advertisement

I want all the parents in India and the followers abroad to let children find their passion. Parents should find the fire in the belly of the child. We are like goats in the advertisement. Then, we fall,fail and repent. Instead, let the kids find their drive and passion. It doesnt have to be academic success.

All the billionaires of the world, dont have a Ph.d !!! They just were internally driven people, with a liking for something. The something helped a lot of people. They made it a business or vocation. Be it Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos or Ambanis.

I urge parents to let the children enjoy their childhood. Let them be with nature, enjoy with pets,get drenched in rain. This time will never come back. At the end of the day, schools are anyway not teaching about money.

I want you to read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Fake, on how the whole system is jacked. This was revealing for me. I was shocked!!! Then, I did take action on what education is needed for kids. Financial education is never taught in schools. Fake is a great read !!!

Coming back to the celebrations of successful kids. I congratulate them again for their efforts. But as humans, we need to deep dive into what really matters in our life.

Much water has flown. I hope you are always safe and sound in this pandemic.

Till then, Stay safe, Stay Humble!!

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

11 thoughts on “The School results Pandemic..Yikes !!!

  1. Exactly so . Parents should try as much as possible to support their children in whatever passion they have. It should be about passing the right values to them which will help them in their decision making in life and not enforcing their will on them.


  2. Wow, congratulations to your son! Thank you for sharing the book Fake, I think I need to read that. I love reading from Robert Kiyosaki as he offers a lot of insights regrading business and careers. 😊


      1. Oh, I thought you were talking about your son. I misunderstood, sorry about that! I can see the point that you were trying to convey. Even in the Philippines, many parents would push their children to get college degrees that promise high salary. I got into engineering for the same reason but now I do blogging. I agree with you, a fulfilling life doesn’t mean academic success. This is a wonderful post! 😊


  3. Wow!!! Dost!! You have really hit the nail on the head. I fully agree that we really need to nurture our children to be humans not machines, while educating them is important, books are not where life ends. We should let them let their hair down and discover their inner self. Thanks dost!! For another insightful post


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