Art of Positive Parenting.

Indian parents are very conservative. That is not their fault. We are all programmed to think like that. Unfortunately we keep succumbing to it . In this post, I want to share my idea of “peaking” to the parents in India and across the world. Ideally, our kids should love us for being a positive parent. I would my views in the following paras.

I was told by my parents to study hard and land in a job. To have a job is a status symbol, and to get a ” secure” government job is a priority and gives esteem. I got into the rat race for the secure government job. I landed up eventually into one.

When I look back, there are few things that come to my notice. First, as a parent, I should identify what my son/daughter loves to do. Second, I should give them the environment and opportunity to fine tune that passion. Third, my son/daughter should enjoy what he/she is pursuing as a hobby. Fourth, can I help her/him to pursue the hobby to the next level?

When I deal with my son’s homework/school work, I do get tensed sometimes. But when I introspect. I find that I “peaked” at the right time. And my son has got the right to peak when it is necessary. I do not want him to ‘burn out’ early.

To explain ” peaking” in simple terms, is hitting the target at the right time. I feel that there is no point in telling our kids to slog in schools. They should conserve their mental energies and faculties and hit the target/goal/achievement at the right age.

The right age could be questionable. There are CEO’s who start at 17. Take Suhas for an example. My point to parents is that, let the kid reveal his/her liking of a hobby/passion. As parents, we should nurture that dream and goal. So that, work becomes play.

When work becomes play, there is no rat race. Your son/daughter will take the call and come to you. Just be open and keep your ears and heart open for that conversation. That is the time, as parents we have to support them.

I am of the view that there is too much pressure on school kids in India.Take this article for exam related failures and depression in kids. This trend is alarming and absolutely wrong. We as parents should take stock of the situation.

There is no point of putting the child in coaching class, if he/she is not interested. Academic success is not the be all and end all in life. Find the one skill, your son/daughter is interested. That is his/her passion. That is the calling. If as a parent, you are able to guide that positive force, then your child would bloom into a professional in his/her area of liking. I do not want to pepper this post with examples. There are enough examples around us.

Early burn out syndrome is prevalent in India. What should we do? Every child is special. There is talent in every child. As parents, we need to identify and nourish the talent. Once this process is done. The child is set on a positive trajectory of growth.

I hope I have made my points. I would love to see your feedback and comments.

Till then, Stay calm and stay safe.

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

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