The Happy Hour Rule (T.H.H.R)

Happy hours are associated with being high !!!! (Sic!!) In this case, I would delve deeply about getting high without any external stimuli !!!

Time is fleeting. Time is the only truth as we speak you read, similarly, I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, time is life and vice versa. In this post, I am going to share how we all can have the happy and fulfilling hours.

My philosophy is not only living in the present. But also to live in the hour. We should ask ourselves this question? How am I living this hour? Looks and sounds different, but if we deep dive,makes sense.

Our lives are made up of experiences. Our experiences are emotions bundled over time. It boils down to seconds and minutes and eventually hours on how we spent it. With whom we spent it and on what we spent.

We should ask this question to ourselves. Am I creating value for self or my family or to work this hour? Am you learning something this hour? Are we creating some value this hour? Am I being useful this hour?

Or, am I consuming fluff over internet? which we mostly do. Get sucked up in the internet.Think over it. Keep at least one hour per day to introspect on how you spend the rest of the hours.

1.Importance of Priority:

As a base line, we all have the same time. Our priorities differ. It boils down to priority management. In every hour of the day, we should focus on how to maximize this hour. We are awake for anywhere between sixteen to eighteen hours a day.

Imagine the possibilities of doing great work !!! Nowadays I am more focussed and razor sharp in my work. I have a to do list.

2.To do list:

You can have a small to do list of five to six items to start with. Many a time, I had more than fifteen items in a a day, and i seldom finished it. I reduced the number of priorities per day and I felt accomplished.

It can be as simple as doing yoga for an hour without any disturbance. Go to market for groceries and drink green tea after coming in an hour.

Once you draw the list of activities for the hour, then every hour is blissful. Your feel that you are contributing to self,family or the community and that’s a great feeling !!!

A happy lady looking at her watch

3.Welcome the Happy Hour !!! :

I am happy that I am spending my time in what I love. Sharing my experiences with you. Spreading positive vibes through my blog. Curating good and beneficial content to all my readers so that my hour is used well for myself and it benefits other.

Once you have this gut feeling of happiness from inside out,every hour, that is an amazing feeling !!!

I urge all of you to draw a small list of items which make you happy every day and do it every hour. Do let me know , how you feel after doing the same.

I am in love with gardening and doing a bit of minimalist room design of my home. My pets are a great stress busters. I am sure that you have your happy zones and areas too !!!.

Do share your comments and views.I am optimistic that you are safe and sound in this pandemic and my prayers for all your loved ones too !!!

Till then stay safe and stay humble !!

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

7 thoughts on “The Happy Hour Rule (T.H.H.R)

  1. Good morning. I loved your blog today, and feel such a oneness with you. The motivation for My blogs on crazy world are so similar a to yours – Hopefully to be a little light in a very unusual time. Please continue your writing. It is lovely and wise.
    Donna Daisy, Ph.D.
    crazy world


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