Meditation for Productivity

Hi friends. I am hopeful that this post finds both you and your family hale and hearty. We have seen this year pass through amidst covid. I want to share with you, on how I pulled it through till now.

I live by the hour. I know that time is fleeting. I see things move very fast around me and the devices around me make time more transient. I am trying to slow down time. I want my time to be useful to self, family and community. I am using my time to learn new skills, add value to my family in helping in whatever means its possible and contribute to the community in little ways.

I see that, I am more productive, than busy when I am aware of how I spend my time. I have got back to books, and less of screens. I am happy that I have gone back twenty years, where there was less of digital chaos and more of life.

I urge all my readers to be reflective of the hours you spend wherever you are and whatever you do. If you are happy and contented in the time and process, then you are using the time in a worthy manner.

There are times, when our routines are off balance due to black swan events. I have started to embrace them. I am more balanced now, seeing the rise of covid cases around and how small we are in this world. I have more gratitude for small things, than ever before.

I want to share the good news about our cat, Panther, gave birth to kittens, shadow, ninja and samurai. They are all growing up to be good. Pets are great stress busters. Those, who do not have pets at home, do give it a shot. You can start with cats, they are great. You will thank me at some point of time, looking at the love they show. Its an amazing feeling and a wonderful relationship.

From L to R – Shadow, Samurai and Ninja.

With this post, I want to share the serene space I am in now with you. I feel blessed that I am in this serene zone with love and gratitude around.

To all my lovely readers, do share your views about staying balanced and full of gratitude and serenity. There is too much of negative vibes in the media, we need to share positivity and a drizzles of fragrance around, so that there is smiles and all round euphoria around us.

Till then , Stay calm and Stay Happy !!!!

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

4 thoughts on “Meditation for Productivity

  1. Doctor – thank you – I too have limited my time with a screen. I write my blog – read my emails and check my Facebook account – all in the early morning – then I am done for the day except for emails. I also help my wife with her network marketing program – she is a Certified Health Coach and we both are 71 years young! We recently sold our home and have relocated to North Myrtle Beach in S.C. from NVA. We are searching and looking at a new slower-paced life. Your article fits right in, we are deeply into healthy living – walking and eating healthy. That is a little bit about us. Thank you again and please post more – it is worth the slow downtime to read! Tom

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