Screen Slaved Generation

When I was small, the only screens I knew was the TV and the movie hall screen. With the coming of smartphones, the merger of entertainment and communication has happened. We wake up with screens, checking our whatsapp or any other app or email feeds. Except while taking bath, the mobile phone and any otherContinue reading “Screen Slaved Generation”

The Happy Hour Rule (T.H.H.R)

Happy hours are associated with being high !!!! (Sic!!) In this case, I would delve deeply about getting high without any external stimuli !!! Time is fleeting. Time is the only truth as we speak you read, similarly, I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, time is life and vice versa. In thisContinue reading “The Happy Hour Rule (T.H.H.R)”

Art of Positive Parenting.

Indian parents are very conservative. That is not their fault. We are all programmed to think like that. Unfortunately we keep succumbing to it . In this post, I want to share my idea of “peaking” to the parents in India and across the world. Ideally, our kids should love us for being a positiveContinue reading “Art of Positive Parenting.”

Race for the Covid vaccine and its impact on our routines.

Most of the countries are at war with the virus. Some of them are at advanced stages of vaccine trails. But will it be affordable? I had read an article in India about Biocon company selling four vials for Rs. 32000 ( USD 425). My heart goes out to those families whose loved ones areContinue reading “Race for the Covid vaccine and its impact on our routines.”

The School results Pandemic..Yikes !!!

My FB dashboard is filled with messages of friends and relatives with the following message “My son has secured 98% in board exams !!!!”. There is a deluge of congratulatory messages on social media. But I was thinking at the back of my head, is my kid also going to take the same route? IContinue reading “The School results Pandemic..Yikes !!!”

Five tips for parents to manage online school work.

Hi Friends. I am hopeful that you are safe and sound with your family wherever you are. In my city, New Delhi, the infection rates are coming marginally down and I think the city administration and the medical fraternity is doing an amazing job. With online being the buzz word now, you must have beenContinue reading “Five tips for parents to manage online school work.”

Time Dilation and Eustress simplified..

Time dilation is a concept of Einsteins Theory of Relativity which states that the time in a moving clock or a watch is slower than the time in a watch which is stationary. I would not go into the technical details of the subject as it would get very very complicated. I was thinking aboutContinue reading “Time Dilation and Eustress simplified..”

How to take care if you have mild COVID-19

Friends, I found this video on my social media account. One is a video from a Dr Sandhya Ramanathan from New Zealand . This video is about what measures one has to take when you are diagnosed with COVID -19 mild stage, and the line of treatment needed for reducing the viral load over aContinue reading “How to take care if you have mild COVID-19”

How to live one day at a time in tough times.

The days of work from home are over for me. I have learnt to live one day at a time. As of today India stands fourth in the world for the number of Covid cases. Its a disturbing trend, but we have no choice but to live with it now. My friends and colleagues areContinue reading “How to live one day at a time in tough times.”