The School results Pandemic..Yikes !!!

My FB dashboard is filled with messages of friends and relatives with the following message “My son has secured 98% in board exams !!!!”. There is a deluge of congratulatory messages on social media. But I was thinking at the back of my head, is my kid also going to take the same route?

I am not downplaying the efforts of children,parents and teachers here. The point I want to drive to parents especially is that, what next?

I am sorry to say the rat race created by all of us is to make all of us land into so called “well paying jobs”, “settle down on life”. Is having a well paying job a symbol of success ? or is material success an indicator that you are the fastest rat around?

Money is required by all of us in our life. But academic success, followed by a job and retirement..Is this the path laid down by society for all of us?

Looking back now, the job I do and the pythagoras equations I learnt and the zoology diagrams learnt in school, are not making any sense. If you feel the same, welcome to the gang !!!!

Further, If I look at the degrees I have got ( BSc,MSc and Phd) baring my Ph.d, none of my degrees make much of a sense in my present assignment. This is my own understanding of academic success, others may have their own views.

There was a tv ad from Shiksha.com ( [placed the youtube link below). This was in the year 2011, this symbolizes the sorry state of Indian educational system and the mindset of the parents.

Courtesy: Youtube.com/Shiksha.com advertisement

I want all the parents in India and the followers abroad to let children find their passion. Parents should find the fire in the belly of the child. We are like goats in the advertisement. Then, we fall,fail and repent. Instead, let the kids find their drive and passion. It doesnt have to be academic success.

All the billionaires of the world, dont have a Ph.d !!! They just were internally driven people, with a liking for something. The something helped a lot of people. They made it a business or vocation. Be it Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos or Ambanis.

I urge parents to let the children enjoy their childhood. Let them be with nature, enjoy with pets,get drenched in rain. This time will never come back. At the end of the day, schools are anyway not teaching about money.

I want you to read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Fake, on how the whole system is jacked. This was revealing for me. I was shocked!!! Then, I did take action on what education is needed for kids. Financial education is never taught in schools. Fake is a great read !!!

Coming back to the celebrations of successful kids. I congratulate them again for their efforts. But as humans, we need to deep dive into what really matters in our life.

Much water has flown. I hope you are always safe and sound in this pandemic.

Till then, Stay safe, Stay Humble!!


Five tips for parents to manage online school work.

Hi Friends. I am hopeful that you are safe and sound with your family wherever you are. In my city, New Delhi, the infection rates are coming marginally down and I think the city administration and the medical fraternity is doing an amazing job. With online being the buzz word now, you must have been overwhelmed doing the follow up of kids school work at home.

I would like to share five tips so that you can breeze through your day:

  1. Print out the time table and place it at child’s workplace:

I am sure the online school for most of us is a new thing. There are network drops, there are technical glitches and sometimes you are very irritated with the whole thing. It does become depressing at times.

My Boy attending class online – The new reality…

For those who have got kids and who have to keep up with the daily schedule of the school, do take a print out of the timetable and fix it at child’s room. Let the child do the follow-up with all the subjects. From a distance, we can monitor the child without their knowledge. This would instill a sense of responsibility in the child. As for me I have pasted my kid’s timetable in my personal diary too, so I can refer even if I am at office or anywhere.

2. Enabling daily data limit on the device:

There would be scenarios where both the parents are working and the kids is with the caretaker, as in my case. If that be the case, where you are not able to monitor the kid physically at least you can keep a tab over the data they use, so that you dont land up with a hefty mobile bill. They know that parents come in the evening and engage in downloading games after school sessions are over.

Some mobile carriers with a prepaid mobile plan come with a daily data limit, and then there is a prompt on the phone that data would not be available or data would be charged at a different rate. If one of the parents are around, it would help to know what kind of stuff the kid is browsing. Internet as we all know is a two – edged sword.

3. Nutrition gummies for kids for boosting immunity:

With COVID around, apart from the daily food, I have added a dose of gummy bears multivitamins for my son, so that the lack of Vitamin -D (sunlight/ lack of play due to staying indoors) and other vital nutrients are adequately compensated through these supplements. I give these supplements for the child, it tastes like any other candy and he takes it twice a day.

3. Unplugging at Dinner :

We make it a serious affair that we are not plugged to our devices during dinner time. We talk with each other about the day and what happened during the day. This small talk on family time is extremely important and helps in bonding the family.

4. Story time at Sleep:

After coming back from work, post sanitizing and dinner, my hubby has to tell stories to my son till he sleeps. As my son is more interested in my hubby’s adventures in his younger days, off late my hubby is running short of his adventure stories for which he has to cook up stories now (hahaa !!!). I am sure, you will get amazing stories for your kids from story books or personal experience, especially if they have a wonderful story before they doze off to sleep.

5. Making a separate time table other than the school time table:

I have prepared a separate weekly time table for my son, so that he has a set routine. His routine also includes watching his favorite shows on netflix or playing monopoly at night, but only after his school work is over. With physical activity almost nil, I have to keep him constructively engaged so that he uses his time in the right way.

I am hopeful that these tips were of some help to you. Do let us share from each others experiences and help on the way.

Till then, Stay safe and Stay humble.


My First Blog Post

About this blog

Hi All. This blog is about how to remain calm in a fast changing and unpredictable world. I am not offering an one size fits all cure, which would be fallacious on my part. I have seen benefits from maintaining a routine in my mental and physical self. This had given me adequate balance in my work – life challenges.

I would keep it very simple in the forms of routine I have experimented so far and the results thereof. I am sure that you might find some benefit out of the posts I make through the comments section so that I continue to share what would be my contribution in this times we live where there is lots of chaos and confusion.

Stay calm, stay humble.

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

ā€” Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. Iā€™m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

The book that changed my perspective towards life management….

During this lockdown, I was fortunate to deep dive into the book called “One thing” By Keller and Papasan. This book talks about our current frames of mind on how much we are distracted in general and the impact of mobile phones and technology in our lives.

I was amazed at the insights of the book and I found a direct correlation between the book Mastery and one thing. I am thankful that I am reading all these good books and applying these insights in my daily routine.

This book talks about the relationship between productivity and purpose. I have rediscovered the purpose and the importance of being productive rather than busy. I am happy that I am able to focus my every one hour in creating value to either self, family or my organization.

This book also talks about the importance of 80/20 rule. All our 80 percent of our outcomes are decided by 20ā„… of our focussed actions. We need to remove so much of flab and fluff in our daily routines as they keep us busy but not adding value.

We need to unitask instead of multi task. Uni tasking is doing one thing at one time. By this way, we achieve more and move towards a more successful and contended life.

This book is available on Amazon and other online stores. Do take a look and do give your comments in the comment box. Looking forward to read your comments..

Till then, stay safe and stay calm…

The Attention Deficit Syndrome… TADS.. The new disease..

Mobile phones have become ubiquitous. We use it at all times. But, can you keep your self away from it during the time you are awake?

I did experiment with myself on my focussing and concentrating ability to see how much time I am able to focus on a non mobile activity?

I switched off the notifications on my device. I decided that I am going to use my phone only for calls. If anyone is really interested to get in touch, he or she will call me.

I have seen that how parents use the phone or don’t use the phones have a direct impact on the child’s behaviour too. There is more household chitchat and play which the mobile phone has stolen from us.

In my experiment which lasted a day. I was able to keep away from phone and do ‘unitasking’. I am happy that, I am able to focus on one task at the time, where multi tasking was my status quo for a long time. I felt more productive than busy after a long time.

I felt a sense of serenity which I used to enjoy during my college days. This can be partly explained with the reading of the book on ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan which I highly recommend reading.

I have a sense of gratitude that myself and my family have seen off 2020 without being affected by Covid. I thank all my readers for their prayers and wish you all good health and safety in this 2021.

Till then, Stay Calm and Stay Safe.

We have not become big…but MASSIVE!!!!

Hi Friends, I have been held up on both the work front and family front due to new borns in our family. Before you press the pedals, I have more pets now !!! I have got a new doberman puppy, she is colonel. This is in addition to Panther, Minnie, Ginger and the three kittens shadow, ninja and samurai.

I have six cats and a puppy now. This is a full time job !!!! And this takes a toll on the family !!! But we all love the process and enjoy being with our furry and paw family.

We got the puppy so that our boy becomes more responsible and loving towards pets in specific and more rounded as he grows up.

And the Jolly Good Cats….

Coziness Personified !!!!!

As you can see from the pics above, our hands are full with these lovely beings around. I am loving every moment of it !!!

I have to vaccinate Colonel today and she is free to mingle with the cats after that !!! This is the reason which has kept me off from posting frequently as they needed the initial care when she was very small. I hope you all understand my point of view !!!

I would suggest to adopt pets to all my readers. Its a wonderful stress buster and provides an ample dose of dopamine for the rest of your day !!!

Till then , Stay safe and Stay Calm !!!!

Meditation for Productivity

Hi friends. I am hopeful that this post finds both you and your family hale and hearty. We have seen this year pass through amidst covid. I want to share with you, on how I pulled it through till now.

I live by the hour. I know that time is fleeting. I see things move very fast around me and the devices around me make time more transient. I am trying to slow down time. I want my time to be useful to self, family and community. I am using my time to learn new skills, add value to my family in helping in whatever means its possible and contribute to the community in little ways.

I see that, I am more productive, than busy when I am aware of how I spend my time. I have got back to books, and less of screens. I am happy that I have gone back twenty years, where there was less of digital chaos and more of life.

I urge all my readers to be reflective of the hours you spend wherever you are and whatever you do. If you are happy and contented in the time and process, then you are using the time in a worthy manner.

There are times, when our routines are off balance due to black swan events. I have started to embrace them. I am more balanced now, seeing the rise of covid cases around and how small we are in this world. I have more gratitude for small things, than ever before.

I want to share the good news about our cat, Panther, gave birth to kittens, shadow, ninja and samurai. They are all growing up to be good. Pets are great stress busters. Those, who do not have pets at home, do give it a shot. You can start with cats, they are great. You will thank me at some point of time, looking at the love they show. Its an amazing feeling and a wonderful relationship.

From L to R – Shadow, Samurai and Ninja.

With this post, I want to share the serene space I am in now with you. I feel blessed that I am in this serene zone with love and gratitude around.

To all my lovely readers, do share your views about staying balanced and full of gratitude and serenity. There is too much of negative vibes in the media, we need to share positivity and a drizzles of fragrance around, so that there is smiles and all round euphoria around us.

Till then , Stay calm and Stay Happy !!!!

Screen Slaved Generation

When I was small, the only screens I knew was the TV and the movie hall screen. With the coming of smartphones, the merger of entertainment and communication has happened.

We wake up with screens, checking our whatsapp or any other app or email feeds. Except while taking bath, the mobile phone and any other smart device like the smartwatch has become a part of the human body.

Where do we draw the line ?

Technology is good and its amazing. But during the course of the day, do you have any idea about your screen time? I mean the time spent in front of screens, be it computer,laptop or mobile device. It can be an astonishing 98 % of your time.

Smartphones have made us socially dumb. When, i say socially its all about real human interaction, not the ones we have on social media.

Further, smartphones have reduced our time with books. There are several medical studies where kids are complaining of severe stress in the eyes and in the neck as early as ten years.

Prior to corona, whenever I travel in the metro, I see people glued to the mobile phones, or listening to music. Listening to music is still a better option, as your neck and head are not strained.

We have only one life on this planet. Our life is measured in time. Quality time comes with quality relationships, both personal and professional. My point here is to rationalize our screen time and think of the long term benefits of a mindful usage of the smart phone.

Family members do not talk to each as everyone is busy with their devices in the evenings after work and there is little or no chit chat even over dinner.

If this trend continues, we would become digital zombies, where the explosion of information,apps and entertainment would not only invade our personal lives, but would start destroying relationships.

Now is the time to choose, whether we keep our heads high or bow down to the massive power of the smartphone.

I have made my decision. what about u ?

Till then, Stay calm and Stay Humble !!

The Happy Hour Rule (T.H.H.R)

Happy hours are associated with being high !!!! (Sic!!) In this case, I would delve deeply about getting high without any external stimuli !!!

Time is fleeting. Time is the only truth as we speak you read, similarly, I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, time is life and vice versa. In this post, I am going to share how we all can have the happy and fulfilling hours.

My philosophy is not only living in the present. But also to live in the hour. We should ask ourselves this question? How am I living this hour? Looks and sounds different, but if we deep dive,makes sense.

Our lives are made up of experiences. Our experiences are emotions bundled over time. It boils down to seconds and minutes and eventually hours on how we spent it. With whom we spent it and on what we spent.

We should ask this question to ourselves. Am I creating value for self or my family or to work this hour? Am you learning something this hour? Are we creating some value this hour? Am I being useful this hour?

Or, am I consuming fluff over internet? which we mostly do. Get sucked up in the internet.Think over it. Keep at least one hour per day to introspect on how you spend the rest of the hours.

1.Importance of Priority:

As a base line, we all have the same time. Our priorities differ. It boils down to priority management. In every hour of the day, we should focus on how to maximize this hour. We are awake for anywhere between sixteen to eighteen hours a day.

Imagine the possibilities of doing great work !!! Nowadays I am more focussed and razor sharp in my work. I have a to do list.

2.To do list:

You can have a small to do list of five to six items to start with. Many a time, I had more than fifteen items in a a day, and i seldom finished it. I reduced the number of priorities per day and I felt accomplished.

It can be as simple as doing yoga for an hour without any disturbance. Go to market for groceries and drink green tea after coming in an hour.

Once you draw the list of activities for the hour, then every hour is blissful. Your feel that you are contributing to self,family or the community and that’s a great feeling !!!

A happy lady looking at her watch

3.Welcome the Happy Hour !!! :

I am happy that I am spending my time in what I love. Sharing my experiences with you. Spreading positive vibes through my blog. Curating good and beneficial content to all my readers so that my hour is used well for myself and it benefits other.

Once you have this gut feeling of happiness from inside out,every hour, that is an amazing feeling !!!

I urge all of you to draw a small list of items which make you happy every day and do it every hour. Do let me know , how you feel after doing the same.

I am in love with gardening and doing a bit of minimalist room design of my home. My pets are a great stress busters. I am sure that you have your happy zones and areas too !!!.

Do share your comments and views.I am optimistic that you are safe and sound in this pandemic and my prayers for all your loved ones too !!!

Till then stay safe and stay humble !!

Art of Positive Parenting.

Indian parents are very conservative. That is not their fault. We are all programmed to think like that. Unfortunately we keep succumbing to it . In this post, I want to share my idea of “peaking” to the parents in India and across the world. Ideally, our kids should love us for being a positive parent. I would my views in the following paras.

I was told by my parents to study hard and land in a job. To have a job is a status symbol, and to get a ” secure” government job is a priority and gives esteem. I got into the rat race for the secure government job. I landed up eventually into one.

When I look back, there are few things that come to my notice. First, as a parent, I should identify what my son/daughter loves to do. Second, I should give them the environment and opportunity to fine tune that passion. Third, my son/daughter should enjoy what he/she is pursuing as a hobby. Fourth, can I help her/him to pursue the hobby to the next level?

When I deal with my son’s homework/school work, I do get tensed sometimes. But when I introspect. I find that I “peaked” at the right time. And my son has got the right to peak when it is necessary. I do not want him to ‘burn out’ early.

To explain ” peaking” in simple terms, is hitting the target at the right time. I feel that there is no point in telling our kids to slog in schools. They should conserve their mental energies and faculties and hit the target/goal/achievement at the right age.

The right age could be questionable. There are CEO’s who start at 17. Take Suhas for an example. My point to parents is that, let the kid reveal his/her liking of a hobby/passion. As parents, we should nurture that dream and goal. So that, work becomes play.

When work becomes play, there is no rat race. Your son/daughter will take the call and come to you. Just be open and keep your ears and heart open for that conversation. That is the time, as parents we have to support them.

I am of the view that there is too much pressure on school kids in India.Take this article for exam related failures and depression in kids. This trend is alarming and absolutely wrong. We as parents should take stock of the situation.

There is no point of putting the child in coaching class, if he/she is not interested. Academic success is not the be all and end all in life. Find the one skill, your son/daughter is interested. That is his/her passion. That is the calling. If as a parent, you are able to guide that positive force, then your child would bloom into a professional in his/her area of liking. I do not want to pepper this post with examples. There are enough examples around us.

Early burn out syndrome is prevalent in India. What should we do? Every child is special. There is talent in every child. As parents, we need to identify and nourish the talent. Once this process is done. The child is set on a positive trajectory of growth.

I hope I have made my points. I would love to see your feedback and comments.

Till then, Stay calm and stay safe.

Race for the Covid vaccine and its impact on our routines.

Template of golden blister pack and pills for health projects or medicine topics.

Most of the countries are at war with the virus. Some of them are at advanced stages of vaccine trails. But will it be affordable?

I had read an article in India about Biocon company selling four vials for Rs. 32000 ( USD 425). My heart goes out to those families whose loved ones are battling the disease as you read this post.

These are hard times. The more we see are corona trackers and updates on the spread of the virus, the gloomier it is.

As we are grappling with lockdowns and un lockdown, our daily routines have become traumatized by the virus. To instill a sense of order amidst chaos, we need to adapt.

I want you to make a routine. In my previous post, there is a model here.So, I am sure that you have divided your day into these smaller parts, so that you have a sense of sanity in these insane times.

The human body and mind need order and pleasure. It is rare that the body and mind choose chaos and pain. By creating a routine, we can control the chaos to a certain extent.

The medical professionals such as Deepak Paliwal have put their lives for the cause of the vaccine. As clinical trials of the vaccine are at varying stages. I urge all of you to take the necessary precaution in safe guarding your families by using masks and hand hygiene.

It looks like, we might have a safe and cheap vaccine by the end of the year. Our lives have become topsy turvy due to this virus. And questions are being asked about WHO’s allegiance of late has become a dampener.

Keep your throat warm. Have three or four cups of green tea during the day. I prefer the organic lemon and ginger tea. It keeps me light and cleanses the system from within.

Social distancing, unemployment, recession and quarantine have become the buzzwords now. We did not expect these things to happen. Unless we gear up black swans like these, we will be always caught off guard.

We need to keep our safeguards on. The age we live and this year in particular is a huge challenge for us. I hope the vaccine under production by several countries bear fruit, helps the medical professionals save lives.

Eventually, we all should be able to return to the same ways of work and help. We should be together in this fight.

Till then, Stay calm and Stay safe.