The Happy Hour Rule (T.H.H.R)

Happy hours are associated with being high !!!! (Sic!!) In this case, I would delve deeply about getting high without any external stimuli !!! Time is fleeting. Time is the only truth as we speak you read, similarly, I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, time is life and vice versa. In thisContinue reading “The Happy Hour Rule (T.H.H.R)”

The New Normal Categorizations of Time…

With Corona making all of us gung ho about lockdown and the unprecedented possibilities of what lies ahead in terms of work and family life. I had worked a small but workable model of time management which i want to share. I have divided my time into these categories : a) M.T – My Time.Continue reading “The New Normal Categorizations of Time…”

Staying calm amidst chaos (Mostly digital Now !!!)

Being blessed and sharing those blessings.  Hi all, my name is Dr.Ethel kabilan. I belong to beautiful state of Nagaland. I am an horticulturist and development professional. We are five at home. Im happily married and have a small family. Through this blog, I want to educate and create awareness amongst all those who wantContinue reading “Staying calm amidst chaos (Mostly digital Now !!!)”

Living half an hour at a time… The Pomodoro Way

The COVID 19 lockdown for those especially in India is a time to stay indoors, test your patience as well as spend time with family. But there would be instances where there might be discord in a family, while you are all forced to stay indoors because of the virus. This virus has reiterated thatContinue reading “Living half an hour at a time… The Pomodoro Way”