Corona, Locusts and Earthquake now…Triple Whammy in India!!!!

I had posted a few days back about embracing black swans. We had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake at Delhi around 9.10 pm yesterday. The locusts swarms are already in India, damaging whatever greenery and leaves that are on the way. The country is already in a pandemic crisis.Its a bad phase of multiple black swans or a triple whammy as I can say.

At this juncture, we need to stay safe,help others and those in need in whatever possible ways one can do and pray…

Our experiences shape the way we explain our history for the future. Yes, we can tell the next generation about the times of corona and may be how we came out of this in times to come. We are going through tough times in India, I hope and pray that this corona malaise is resolved and we can get back to the good old ways. But, as the lingo goes, we need to adapt to the ” new normal” and hence we have to live with the present times.

I wish all my friends and well wishers both in India and other countries to stay safe. Have a contingency plan in case of emergency and share the same with your loved ones. They might be as simple as where you have kept the keys for the store room or where you have kept food and water for emergencies.

I know that these are pressing times, but friends especially good ones come to the fore, only during these times. Let us help each other out in small ways as much as we can.

Till then, Stay calm and Stay humble !!

Published by Dr.Ethel Kabilan

I am a Horticulturist by profession. Working mother.Avid sleeper and obsessed with cleanliness and calm. Love to travel and want to share good vibes with all.

14 thoughts on “Corona, Locusts and Earthquake now…Triple Whammy in India!!!!

  1. Hello! I stopped by to welcome you to annieasksyou! I hope you’ll visit often and comment as you see fit.

    These are tough times everywhere, but locusts at the time of the pandemic seems quite excessive!
    In the US, we are battling both nature and manmade catastrophes simultaneously.
    Take care, and stay safe!

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    1. Hi Annie, there are many things to learn and share from each other and I am looking forward to read more of your blog.
      I am aware of the Floyd case and its a very sad state of affairs in the US too. Do take care and stay safe.


  2. I am so deeply sorry for all your country and your people are going through. I am praying right now for healing and strength!

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