Corona, Locusts and Earthquake now…Triple Whammy in India!!!!

I had posted a few days back about embracing black swans. We had a 4.6 magnitude earthquake at Delhi around 9.10 pm yesterday. The locusts swarms are already in India, damaging whatever greenery and leaves that are on the way. The country is already in a pandemic crisis.Its a bad phase of multiple black swansContinue reading “Corona, Locusts and Earthquake now…Triple Whammy in India!!!!”

Yoga stretch at Home during COVID-19

Hi Friends, This is a pressing time for all of us and the spread and speed of this virus has taken a toll on all of us. In times of these, we need to maintain calm and slightly amend our daily routines so that we maintain enough vigil over our personal sense of cleanliness andContinue reading “Yoga stretch at Home during COVID-19”